Extensive information on packing for pilgrimages in Myanmar can be found on pages #27-40 in the free meditator's guidebook, Shwe Lan Ga Lay, which can be downloaded here. As the input of dozens of meditators and monastics contributed to these lists, they should answer a number of your questions (and may even answer questions you haven't thought up yet!). Note that there are also suggestions for various kinds of gifts that can be brought, for monastics, children, etc., if you wish to do so. 

Please note that the majority of Myanmar Pilgrimage trips includes overnight at hotels. However, if your particular pilgrimage includes some nights at monasteries, additional items may be needed. More information about monastic stays can be found here

Finally, there are a few items specific to travel and meditation in Myanmar, which can be found here

Visas and Vaccines

A valid Myanmar visa must be secured prior to entry! Applications requirements are subject to change, so carefully review the current status prior to entry. Consult the official Myanmar government page, or see the US Department of State. If coming directly from your home country, be sure to apply well in advance, and one recommended service is CIBT. If you have more travel time, the Bangkok embassy has a very fast turnaround.

Pilgrims can choose between a Tourist or Meditation Visa, depending on their plan in the country. For more information on this distinction, review pages #15-27 in the free meditator's guidebook, Shwe Lan Ga Lay.

Consult your local doctor to inquire about what vaccinations are recommended for Myanmar, or alternatively see the updated CDC report. A common question concerns malaria. Most of our pilgrimages will not pass through any area that is highly malarial, however do inquire to a medical professional if you have any concerns. For more information on the overall health situation in Myanmar, as well as what kind of medical supplies you may wish to bring, review Chapter 3 in the free meditator's guidebook, Shwe Lan Ga Lay..

Other Preparations

Answers to other questions about preparations can be found in the free meditator's guidebook, Shwe Lan Ga Lay. For example, see pages #51-58 about money, #40-48 about weather, #77-79 about electricity, #80-90 about Burmese language, and #153-161 about internet & phones

Finally, please carefully review the type of pilgrimage you will attend. Depending on the climate, schedule, and sites to be visited, different items may be required. Also, feel free to contact us here if you have any additional questions.

Happy preparations, and see you in the Golden Land soon!