"Uncovering Monastic Life"

The opening lines from the subsection Uncovering Monastic Life...

“A person from the modern Western world can only marvel that a life of such beauty, grace and peace can even exist in this day and age. To live a life of such exquisite simplicity, refinement, and devotion is an extraordinary example of what is possible and indeed required of us in order to fulfill our perfections. With purity, concentration and wisdom as our foundation, we are able to follow the Buddha’s teachings in an exact way.” Daw Sanda Wadi, From One To Nun

Compared to other Theravada Buddhist countries such as Thailand and Sri Lanka, few Westerners have integrated into Burmese monastic life for a sustained period. In some ways it seems there has been more commentary on Burmese Buddhist life by 19th century Britons than by modern day foreign yogis and monastics. As the country continues to open, hopefully this will change as Buddhist practitioners are able to visit and appreciate the opportunity that Burmese monastic life provides.

A Burmese woman pays respects as monks pass on an alms round