The Great Legacy

French ascetic isiDhamma has been in Myanmar for some time, and in 2007 he made the film Deliverance, about a Swiss man who leaves behind Western society and eventually ordains as a monk in remote Burma. He has just completed his second film, The Great Legacy, which has the following write-up:

Aye Mi is an ambitious photographer eager to start a career in advertising but doesn't have enough money to buy a camera. Her only hope is to recover a lost inheritance, a valuable ruby. Aye Mi discovers that the jewel has been taken by some young evil witches who have menacing and corrupting powers. Facing her worst fears, she makes big sacrifices and will not stop for anything until she retrieves the stone. Will Aye Mi ever doubt the value of what is unexpectedly discovered along the way?

All his films use natural Myanmar settings and actors, and bring home the profound teachings of Dhamma through an inspiring artistic medium. You can see more about his work here.