Opportunity for Meritorious Deed

A monk pauses as an oxcart passes him on a road outside Webu Sayadaw Monastery in Ingyinbin
As a previous post indicated, work has begun on the 3rd edition of the Burma meditation notes, and we are quite excited about how it is shaping up. 

We have seen that there are more and more foreign yogis coming to Burma for the purpose of developing more deeply in Dhamma, but unsure about how to get around and the opportunities which exist. To enhance their practice, yogis have also shown an interest in better understanding Burmese culture and monastic environments. 

A local neighborhood of Inthar villagers in Inle Lake, Shan State
Similarly, we have met a good amount of Burmese monks and lay people who sincerely wish to help these yogis and welcome them to their particular monastery, but do not know how to get the word out to extend this invitation. We hope that this upcoming guidebook will provide the link or meeting place for these two groups and will foster a mutually beneficial experience, as dedicated yogis get more exact information on specific sites and regions they can go to deepen their practice.

An entrance to a cave in Sagaing
For all those who are interested, we are announcing an opportunity for merit. The yogi guidebook project is dana-based and so no one connected to it will make any personal profit, other than the simple joy of participating in a meritorious deed. There are many ways to contribute, and opportunities available to all depending on one’s background, ability, and knowledge. 

Some people are finding ways to help that have not even yet visited Burma. Examples of ways other people have been contributing, as well as future needs, include:

The bed of a Sayadaw inside a Sagaing cave
  • Editing
  • Collecting and/or writing essays
  • Artwork, including photography, sketches, formatting,
  • Promotion and distribution
  • Fact checking and background work on internet
  • Providing and/or soliciting on-the-ground information
  • Financial donations to cover project needs
  • Etc.

If you are interested in contributing in any of the above (or additional) ways and sharing in the merit of assisting foreign yogis in Burma, contact us at burmadhamma@gmail  

Deep inside a meditation cave high up on a mountain in the Shan town of Taungyi