Goenkaji's Tour in Burma

As many meditators know, Mr. S.N. Goenka is scheduled to be in Burma (Myanmar) at the end of December 2012.  This blog recently posted information about his trip to further disseminate to yogis interested in coming here to join. 

There are a couple of further pieces of information that are important to add.  First, one meditator happened to stop by Dhamma Joti in Yangon yesterday to clarify the visit, and was told that despite the 10-long posted schedule of the trip, Mr. Goenka's participation will be limited to leading a couple of sittings at Shwedagon Pagoda and giving a couple of Dhamma Talks.  He will not be traveling outside of Yangon, according to the center office, so yogis should consider this beforehand when planning their trip. Also, whether or not a yogi formally registers (e.g. pays the full fees being asked), they are welcome to attend these dhamma talks and sittings.  The registration fee will most likely provide the meditators with room, board, and transportation.  The office also added that Dhamma Joti is now past capacity so they are having to meet the housing needs for additional yogis that register by searching out other sites, including perhaps hotels, guesthouses, monasteries, and other Goenka centers beyond Yangon.

Please note that we are in no way affiliated with the organization itself and these are informal observations we are sharing based on being currently in country, to help provide information.  To confirm any of these points you are encouraged to contact the center directly.

Finally, you should be aware that this is fast becoming the busiest season in Myanmar's history, by a long shot.  There is a very real possibility, even likelihood, that in December and January every available room in Yangon (and other towns) will be taken.  Any yogis are strongly encouraged to make all hotel reservations for their stay as early as possible.  If you've been to Burma before and are used to showing up and taking what's available, it will not work this time.  Make a reservation!!!

Be happy and enjoy your stay in The Golden Land.