Yatra Information: Goenkaji's Tour of Burma, December 2012

NOTE: The following information can be downloaded here.

Two additional notes: first, this site is in no way connected to the Goenka Vipassana organization.  There have been some inquiries about registering in the yatra.  We have no information about this, and have simply disseminated this document to a wider audience through our site.  Secondly, there are a group of meditators planning to join the dhamma talks and sittings, without formally enrolling in the yatra.  If you'd like to join this informal group, you can send an email to put you in touch. However please note that our account as well is not regularly attended.  (you can write burmadhamma@gmail)

Below followings are the schedule and of the Dhamma Visit 2012, in Myanmar
  • -  There will be two types of trip,
  • -  (1) Short trip
    Short trip will be from 21st to 24th Dec ,2012

    (2) Long trip.
    Long trip will be from
    21th to 30th Dec,2012
    Daily detail schedule are as follow:
    21st. Dec:,2012 -Arrival in Yangon
    -Check in Dhamma Joti, Yangon
    and Dhamma Nidhi, Bago respectively. 22nd.Dec:,2012 - Yangon -Pyaw Bhwe Gyi –Yangon visit.
23rd. Dec:,2012
-Breakfast at Dhamma joti,
- Group sitting with Gurugyi at Shwe dagon in the morning.

-Visit Pyaw Bhwe Gyi village (Saya Thet Gyi’s place)
- Lunch at that village ,
- Give Dhamma talk by Guruji in the evening at National Theater
-.Dinner at Dhamma joti - During Yangon Area.
- Breakfast at centers
-Sanga Dana at Goenka house in the early morning, - Visit
to IMC (sayagyi’s U Ba Khin’s center)
- Lunch at Dhamma-joti
- Shopping and sightseen at Yangon Area.
- Give public talk about the Expedition of Goenka’s Family for 135 years in Dhamma Land at National Theater.
- Dinner at Dhamma-joti.
24th Dec:2012 - -Yangon-Kyaikhtiyo-Yangon
-Breakfast at particular center.
- Going to Kyaik HtiYo Pagoda, (golden rock pagoda , Mon state). -dinner at particular center.

25th Dec:2012 26th Dec:2012
-Yangon- NayPyiTaw - Mandalay, visit. -Breakfast at particular center.
-Dinner at Mandalay center.

- Mandalay-PyinOolwin-Mandalay visit.
-Breakfast at Mandalay center. -Sightseen at Mandalay. -Lunch at Dhamma Mahima . and sightseen at pyin-oo-lwin. -Dinner at Mandalay.
- Mandalay-Amarapure-Mandalay visit.
- breakfast at center.
- Sanga dana at maha gandayoun monastery, Amarapure( 1500

- Dinner at Mandalay Center.
- Group sitting at Maha Myat Muni Pagoda (After dinner).

- Mandalay-Mounywa- Mandalay visit.
- Breakfast at center
-Opening ceremony of pagoda cell at Dhamma nanadhaja center ,

- Group sitting at Ledi Sayadaw meditation cave. - lunch at center
- visit ledi monastery.
- Sightseen and dinner at Mandalay center.

-Mandalay- kyout-se (Webu mountain)- Yangon visit. - Breakfast at center
- Visit webu mountain at Kyout-Se
- Return to yangon .
(Remarks- Short will be end at 24th December 2012.)
Depart from Yangon .
- Breakfast at center.
- Depart from respective center.
Tour rate- Short trip , US$350 - Long trip , US$ 550.
For payment- cash only
  • -  The payment has to be paid to your group leaders.
  • -  For Indian tourist, you can contact to Global Pagoda, Mumbai.
  • -  For non-Indian tourist, there has to be a group leader if you are coming with group.
    The authority from Yangon will collect those payments when they arrive to Myanmar.
    Reservation for the visit not later than Nov 15, 2012, Contact to - Mr.Kushal <dhammayatra.ygn@gmail.com>
    The list of all the visitors can be reserved individually or as a group with the following personals data.
    1. Full name
    2. Passport number
    3. Age
    4. Gender
    5. Citizenship
    6. Flight number
    7. Estimate time of arrival 8.
    Group leader’s name
    Dhamma Joti Vipassana Centre, Yangon, Myanmar