Attend a Dhamma pilgrimage on scholarship!

Myanmar Pilgrimage would like to make its Dhamma tours accessible to as many foreign meditators as possible. Given that it takes so much time, energy, planning, and finances to come to the Golden Land, we hope that as many yogis as possible can be helped to reach these special sites and learn the history behind them.

We have tried to keep our prices as reasonable as possible, but we are constrained by the real costs of goods and services in country. Although Myanmar is not a developed country, visitors are often surprised to learn that basic travel costs are higher than neighboring Southeast Asian countries.

We know that many meditators consciously choose a lifestyle that is less concerned with material comforts, and so budgets for any travel can be more limited. Where possible, we are happy to offer partial scholarships to those who are unable to afford the full pilgrimage cost. We only have a limited number of such scholarships available, so please only apply only if you are unable to consider a normal pilgrimage rate. To learn more about scholarships, see here.

If you would be willing to offer dāna (financial donation) to help us in offering full or partial scholarships to deserving meditators and/or monastics, please contact us here

Joah McGee