Meditation in Mandalay

We had the pleasure to plan a pilgrimage for a British meditator from the S.N. Goenka who was staying in the Mandalay area. We took him to several sites in the area related to the lineage of Goenkaji, and provided a local translator and guide so that he could engage in serious Dhamma discussions in addition to his meditation sittings. We also arranged a Sangha Dana lunch offering to a monastery in downtown Mandalay that provides monastic education to a number of aspiring novices. Here is what he wrote about his experiences with us:

“Myanmar Pilgrimage has done a great job in capturing all the relevant places for a Vipassana yogi to visit. Not only is it enjoyable to travel around the less touristic parts of Myanmar but it was wonderful to gain inspiration from the sites of the lineage. Furthermore, I strongly felt showing gratitude by meditating at these spots has helped deepen my practice.”

Shwe Lan Ga Lay