Vegetarian Food in Burma

The meditator's guide to Burma tells us: "While Burmese vegetarians may be few in number, it is still a highly admired virtue among local Buddhists. In most major towns one can find a handful of vegetarian restaurants, some of which greet customers with a sign announcing, “Be Kind To Animals By Not Eating Them.”  However, many Burmese, while thinking it commendable to abstain from meat and fish, simply enjoy it too much themselves to stop. Vegetarians who come to Myanmar with no local friends or knowledge of the language and culture tend to end up eating fried rice and noodles far more than they would like. However, vegetarian yogis using this guide should have few problems varying their food intake and finding a well-balanced meal at restaurants or monasteries. And, this is especially true if you can remember the Burmese word for vegetarian—tatuloh."

Never to fear, throughout the Dhamma Tours offered by Myanmar Pilgrimage, we will offer full vegetarian meals every day, cooked fresh and featuring balanced options. When the physical strength of the meditator is assured, then it only follows that the mental strength will surely come... and the mind can do little more to seek inspiration than the sites to be included in our 18 day pilgrimage!