To be born twice at International Meditation Center

On Day 1 of our Dhamma tour, we will visit International Meditation Center (IMC) on Inya Myaing Road in Yangon, and learn about the life and legacy of Sayagyi U Ba Khin. As we enter this sacred ground, it is worth recalling the powerful words of SN Goenka describing these physical grounds. He said: “I was born twice on this Dhamma land. The first birth was from my mother’s womb; the second was by tearing apart the shroud of deep ignorance at Sayagyi U Ba Khin’s Vipassana centre in Inya Myaing.”

Part of the objective of our Dhamma tour is to not only visit these sites, but to fill the spaces with the living history of the great figures and important events that took place here, thus connecting historical narratives with physical land, enabling the pilgrim to be absorbed with the continuous tradition of the flow of the Dhamma as they come in contact with these special places.