Guide Profile: Zach Hessler (formerly Bhikkhu Obhasa)

One of the guides accompanying the upcoming Dhamma tours of Burma includes the American Zach Hessler, who lived as a forest monk in the Golden Land, with the name of Bhikkhu Obhasa. 

Zach got his first taste of Burma Dhamma in 1994 at a vipassana course in Bodhgaya, India. In 2003, he took the opportunity to go on a pilgrimage to magical Myanmar to pay homage to the Golden Land of Dhamma. Along with his Dhamma practice, Zach has spent various chapters of his life as a guide in the Himalaya, a yoga teacher in India, a professional nature and travel photographer in US and Asia, and more recently as a monk for 3 years in Myanmar. Zach is a regular consultant and photographer for Shwe Lan Ga Lay and is happy to share his insights into the Golden Land with all who are interested.  








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