Myanmar Pilgrimage is hiring!

Are you a licensed travel guide, fluent in English, with a background in meditation or monasticism? If so, read on…

Myanmar Pilgrimage’s mission is to help foreign meditators and yogis better understand the Dhamma when visiting the Golden Land. We are not a normal travel agency, and do not take guests to see the traditional tourist sites. Rather, we specialize in those coming to Myanmar primarily to learn about the country’s deep Buddhist history and practice. Our pilgrimages go far off the beaten track to explore various monasteries, nunneries, pagodas, and other important Buddhist sites that are inspiring for spiritual seekers to visit and learn about. We have chosen these special sites based on years of intensive research, and guides are also responsible for studying and sharing details about each site when taking pilgrims.

Our guests choose to book through us not to take photos or buy souvenirs, but to learn more deeply about Burmese Buddhist practice and history and inspire their own meditation effort. All of our guests are either serious meditators in their own countries or deeply interested in undertaking a Buddhist practice. While on the trip, our clients regularly plan meditation sittings at the sites, arrange for Sangha Dana and offering of robes, and engage in Dhamma discussions with monks and other meditation teachers.

Myanmar Pilgrimage is interested in hiring freelance guides who meet the following qualifications:

  • Total fluency in the English language.

  • Licensed travel guides.

  • Extensive personal experience in Buddhist meditation, study, or having been a monk/nun.

  • Extremely familiar and experienced in Burmese Buddhist customs and procedures, particularly concerning the Vinaya rules around monks.

  • Knowledgeable and curious about current meditative traditions and Burmese Buddhist history.

  • Excellent at providing detailed overviews of monastic protocol, discussing differences of meditation methods, and describing Burmese Buddhist art and history.

  • Interested in furthering one’s own education by actively reading books about Burmese Buddhism and the great Myanmar Sayadaws and meditation teachers.

If you meet these qualifications, please send us a CV with attached cover letter to, and make sure to describe in detail your own personal experience with Buddhist practice and study.

Shwe Lan Ga Lay